Why You Should Buy a House in Winter

November through February fall under what’s known in the real estate industry as “the lull,” when many homebuyers place their house hunting on pause in time for the holidays and the winter season. Basically, the same number of homes stay on the market, but the number of buyers decreases enough to give YOU, the homebuyer, a huge advantage. Here’s why you should buy a house in winter-

Your real estate agent will have more time to focus on you. Your real estate agent will likely have fewer clients searching for homes in the wintertime (especially closer to the holidays), which means they’ll have more time to dedicate to helping you find your dream home!


Buying in winter is the ultimate test to see how well your future home fares during the chilliest season. All the major home systems are required to work a little harder during this part of the year: heating, plumbing, even the gutters. Pay close attention to how well the homes you visit are standing up to the harsh winter months.


Sellers are motivated. Chances are, the sellers are looking to close on a deal by the end of the year, especially for tax purposes. This gives you a huge opportunity to negotiate if you’re looking to fit more into your budget!


Fewer buyers mean fewer offers on your dream home. With a smaller market pool of homebuyers actively searching during the wintertime, you will have significantly less competition when it comes time to place a bid! This relates back to you having the advantage when it comes to negotiating as well.


According to market trends, home prices tend to dip lower during the winter months. Why? Maybe because the demand for homes shrinks, but the number of homes on the market remains the same. Maybe because people dedicate this time of year to family, travel, and holiday celebrations. Maybe nobody wants to leave the warm comfort of their current home. It’s likely a combination of the three, but the results are in your favor!

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