The Top 9 Minimalist Design Trends for 2016

The Top 9 Minimalist Design Trends for 2016


Looking for some redecorating ideas in 2016? In terms of design, sometimes less means more. Minimalist décor places more emphasis on utility and simplicity, in a simple yet elegant way. Check out the list for some beautiful ideas on how to incorporate minimalist design trends into your home!

1. Statement Mirrors

statement mirror

It appears your old school bathroom medicine cabinet is out — unique statement mirrors are in! Whether your look is sleek and modern or shabby chic, use your


2. Open Shelving

open shelves 

Display shelves take nothing away from the storage options offered by traditional cabinetry, but they dramatize blank wall space and create a more open look to any room traditionally riddled with storage options. This is especially true in the kitchen, but it can easily be applied to hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms.


3. Unique Backsplash Designs

unique backsplash designs

It could be brick, tile, metal — the possibilities are always growing in the world of minimalist design! It gives your kitchen or bathroom a more exciting and unique look and presents the illusion of labor-intensive design without the hassle.


4. Bold Half Baths

bold half bath

Guest bathrooms that feel more like an extension of the living space are becoming increasingly popular and require hardly any additions; think vivid graphic wallpapers, statement mirrors, funky chandeliers, or stacked wall shelving. These simple tricks will make your home seem more inviting to guests without sacrificing the functionality of the room.


5. Pedestals and Display Trays

Wood Framed Tray

Magnolia Market: Wood Framed Tray

These long, narrow surface tops are the supermodels of table space (mostly because they’re ultra-thin). Though these trays only offer limited surfaces, it’s the perfect spot to place a decorative art piece or fashionable picture frame to add some flair to any room without dominating floor or wall space.


6. Mix-and-Match Metals

mix-and-match metals

ONE metallic effect does not rule them all in the minimalist world — in fact, current trends encourage mixing them up a bit! Plus, it makes everything look more glamourous by comparison. Start selecting your favorite sheens of silver, chrome, rose gold, copper, and of course, gold!

7. Maximize Natural Light

minimalist design trend

This is arguably ONE of the most difficult design trends to achieve, but even the darkest homes have the possibility to shed some light on their best features! You can use mirrors, choose a lighter color palette for your walls and furniture, hang sheer drapes, add skylights, or even trim up towering hedges and trees that block your sun-soaked views! But don’t just take our word for it, Reader’s Digest agrees.


8. Geometry

design trends

Yes, geometry. You thought you’d never use it again, didn’t you? The shapes and sharp angles can visually define a space and be used in virtually every aspect of design, whether it’s furniture, wall decals, accent lighting, or floor tiles. Just be careful not to go overboard — too much will probably cause dizzy spells.


9. Black, White, and Gray

minimalist design

We’re obviously a big supporter of the black color scheme (you could add a touch of gold in there as well if you’re feeling extra ritzy), but black, gray, and white is the stark color trio currently making the loudest statement in minimalist design. It might seem like a limited color wheel, but we know there are at least 50 shades of gray out there, so we’re confident you’ll find the perfect palette.



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