Creating the Perfect Backyard Summer Retreat

Summer is officially here and now is the time for BBQ’s, entertaining outdoors, and enjoying the beautiful summer weather. Incorporate these six simple steps to create a beautiful backyard retreat. Whether it’s your first summer enjoying your new backyard or you’ve been there a while, you can easily add and refresh to what you currently have in your space!

1. Create A Color Scheme for Your Outdoor Space

color scheme

My rule of thumb when starting any home décor project is to first pick out a color scheme.  Bright colors are always fun outside or you can create a neutral calming outdoor space.  Before you start your project, decide which route you want to go and choose accessories and décor that aligns within your color scheme of choice.  The great thing about accessories is that you can easily change them out with the seasons, giving your space a fresh look every time.  

 2. Create An Inviting Sitting Area

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Photos taken by Jamee Edwards

Create an area outside that you can lounge and relax in that’s comfortable to you.  Start with a space you can enjoy relaxing and entertaining as well as an area that you can enjoy food and drinks.  Add seating with either fun chairs or utilize a space you already have in your yard that may be functional for seating.  You can easily add fun pops of colors with pillows to make your space even more comfortable. Dress up the area with an umbrella for shade.  

3. Adding Textiles Makes All The Difference

backyard summer retreat

Your outdoor space should feel just as inviting as the inside of your home.  Some simple ways to refresh your outdoor space is to add outdoor rugs to make the space more appealing and comfortable.  They not only provide comfort but can also tie-in color. Make sure your rug is specifically made for the outdoors along with any other textiles you choose since they will be withstanding the sunlight and outdoor elements.  Drapes are an additional way to create and frame your patio and can also provide shade and privacy.


4. Utilize Plants To Bring In Color

backyard summer retreat

Plants and greenery are a must in creating your backyard retreat.  Purchase colored pots that correspond with your specific color scheme.  Prior to selecting the plants be sure to consult with your local nursery or landscaper to see which plants thrive in your environment.  Succulents are low maintenance and perfect for those who do not have a green thumb.  

5. Utilize Different Methods Of Lighting


Candles are an excellent way to create mood lighting inexpensively. Find candles that have citronella and are dual purpose that can get rid of pesky bugs as well as light your space.  Lanterns are always a great addition as well.  String café lights are the trend now and can beautifully light up your cozy outdoor setting in addition to candles and lanterns.  

6. Utilize Wall Décor To Bring The Indoors Out

Don’t neglect your walls or fence!  Bring the indoors out by hanging wall décor on either the fence or walls.  Outdoor mirrors are a great way to make your patio area seem larger and add a nice touch. Not only does this unique touch make it feel cozy, it makes for a very inviting space that you can share with your friends and family. For more styling and interior decorating tips, head to The Posh Home!

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