Top 8 Cities for Beer Drinkers

1. Denver, CO


Home to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, this Mile High City does not lack avid beer enthusiasts. Denver offers a wide array of microbreweries, beer cafes, and brew pubs throughout the city. Known for their craft breweries (235 to be exact), the expansion of new breweries continue to grow exponentially. Denver’s most well known breweries include  Rock Bottom Brewery, Breckenridge Brewery, Great Divide, Falling Rock, Bluemoon, Freshcraft, Denver Beer Company and more. This city won’t disappoint you!

2. Seattle, WA


Seattle’s microbrewery culture has been on the rise in the more recent years. The beer scene seems fitting for a city full of warehouses, pubs, and music halls.  Rainier beer was the first brewery to pop up in the 80’s and since then, small boutique breweries have been popping up. Seattle is home to Elysian Brewing Company and Pike Brewing Company.  The non-pretentious beer scene is a definite must for those visiting the city.


3. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco

San Francisco may be known for their food, wine and great mixology, but don’t be fooled, this city is brewing up some fine beer.  In recent years, craft breweries have increased in popularity.  With the ever growing popularity of craft beer, microbreweries have been popping up all over the city.  What’s makes the San Francisco beer scene so unique?  It can be paired with the city’s well-known cuisine. Each brewery offers something unique whether it’s live music, entertainment or a welcome sign for your furry pets, the beer scene is sure to offer something for everyONE.

4. Buffalo, NY


Who said New Yorker’s don’t know a thing or two about beer?  

In 1919, on the eve of Prohibition, Buffalo was home to twenty-nine breweries. It wasn’t until the 20th century that brewing returned to the city with the opening of a dozen new breweries. Sample craft beer from some of the well-known breweries; Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, Hamburg Brewing Company, The Ditch Brewing and more. The city also offers a bicycle map for those who want to tour on their bikes.

5. Pittsburgh, PA


Pittsburgh boasts a growing and thriving beer scene. The city offers diversity when it comes to all the different beer varieties. IPA’s, Stouts, Porters and Pale Ales can be sampled throughout the city.  Home to 35 craft breweries and growing, the city predicts that they will double in the next five years as the beer industry continues to increase. A lot of the smaller boutique breweries can be found in neighborhoods which offer locals a sense of community. The friendly and inviting beer pubs are a great watering hole for all beer drinkers.

6. Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids

Beer City, USA! National polls voted Grand Rapids the Best Beer Town and the Best Beer Scene by USA TODAY, making it an obvious choice for your next beercation. Amongst the 40+ craft breweries in the area, Grand Rapids is home to Founders, the 3rd best brewery in the world and Hopcat, the number one brewpub in the country. So take your choice, experience all the beers from your seat at Hopcat or take the famous Beer City Ale trail around the city to experience the breweries for themselves. Either way, bottoms up!

7. San Diego, CA

San Diego

World famous beaches, summer weather year round, and over one hundred breweries. What’s more to say? San Diego is home to big, bold, bud-bursting flavors in their beers, especially in their world-famous “San Diego style” IPAs. Beyond their famous big flavors, the city also produces some the world’s finest Belgians and sours. So, you’ve been warned…you’ll come for the beach, stay for the hops, and won’t ever want to leave Southern California’s beer capital.


8. Athens, GA

terrapin brewery

Athens comes to mind as a college town, home of University of Georgia, but beyond the  sea of students, Athens has created an impressive craft beer scene. And the scene is growing fast. Terrapin Beer Company put itself on the map for breweries back in 2002, and since breweries have been sprouting throughout the city. Beyond the up and coming breweries, Athens has a vibrant music scene, cultural museums all within a small town feel.


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