3 Ways to go for the Gold as a Realtor

The 2016 U.S. Olympic Team is made up of more than 500 athletes who have dedicated their lives to earning a gold medal. As we’ve watched Michael Phelps win his 28th gold medal and Simone Biles leap to her 4th gold in gymnastics, perhaps what is most astonishing about these athletes is the effortlessness which they display their talents paired with incredible mental strength.  For each of these athletes, it’s taken a certain mindset to get them where they are today in Rio. Taking a cue from the Olympic athletes, learn to apply their hard work and discipline to score the gold as a real estate professional.

Positive Mindset

The most successful realtors aren’t necessarily the ones that makes the best commission or close the most deals. The realtors that start the morning with a wake up to win attitude and a positive mindset exude success. When dealing with a down market and negative customers, it’s important to keep your outlook positive and keep your energy up. Lexi Thompson, an athlete on the U.S. Women’s Golf Team says of this strategy, “I’ll think positive thoughts like ‘You’re blessed’ or ‘You’re talented,’ and instantly see changes in my heartbeat.
Maintaining a positive mindset from the get go helps to boost your mental self esteem while trying to close a deal or navigate a difficult transaction.



If you can master the art of self-discipline, you’ll consistently set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. Michael Phelps didn’t score his 28th gold medal by sitting on the couch and flipping through Netflix, although, it would be nice if it were that easy. Similarly, any realtor who thinks they can close 100 deals a year without putting much effort or discipline into is mistaken. Six days a week for six hours a day, Phelps swims and trains. In real estate, it’s essential to strategize and spend your time accordingly to set yourself up for success.



Having a successful career in real estate requires a certain “hustle” mentality. There’s always phones to answer, texts to reply and flyers to pass out. Comparably, the refugee Olympic teams have persevered insurmountable odds to get to where they are today in the Rio Olympics. To quote the unwavering  strength of the refugee team, IOC President Thomas Bach said, “These refugee athletes will show the world that despite the unimaginable tragedies they have faced, anyONE can contribute to society through their talent, skills and strength of the human spirit.”


As the Olympics near closing, these incredible athletes demonstrate that in the arenas of life, sport and even business, it’s possible to succeed (as cliche as it may sound). Through perseverance, discipline and a positive mindset, you can learn to take the gold and turn dreams into reality.

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