8 Storage Spaces You’re Overlooking at Home

Whether your home is big or small, your home is filled with missed storage opportunities. Feeling more organized and getting rid of clutter around the home will inspire not only a fresh but organized and inspired life in 2017. If your home is spacious and organized, your sanity will be as well. Utilize all the spaces around your home and be refreshed.

Discover the 8 prime places you might be overlooking. Some of these might amaze you.

1. The Laundry Room: hang shelves above the washer and dryer to capture missed space. Here you can incorporate baskets with labels or apothecary jars to hold detergent, softener, socks and any other items. Having an organized room will make laundry day that much better.

2. The Kitchen: When storing your bulky pots and pans, organize them in a file (stacked on the side) vs. keeping them faced up. This will help open up space for other utensils and allow you to see everything. If you have an island in your kitchen, you could turn your basic island into storage central. Hang up a peg board on the back side of your island and allow yourself to hang not only pans but key utensils and handy cooking tools.

3. By the Door Entry: Turn your front entrance into an oasis. Add hooks and a bench to your entry to organize shoes, hats, coats and umbrellas. Your accessories can also act as art for the room. Keep a basket by the side to store loose socks and other small items. Now you have a place to sit while you pick out your favorite shoes for the day. Add some flowers and candles to welcome guests.

4. The Closet: We all love a good closet. The most frustrating thing is not being able to find a particular shirt. Organize your closet and drawers by color. Organize your closet from winter to summer clothes and light to dark. Donate what you don’t need!

5. The kid’s Room: Under the bed, storage is practically like having a second closet. Purchase bed raisers and other under the bed storage containers to help store anything and everything from books, toys, and clothes. Toys and items not in use can be stored under the bed.

6. Inside the Pantry: Make “priority” shelves for the food you want to eat first. Make shelves that are for kids and another shelf for extra or emergency food. Consider organizing shelves by expiration dates, in different bins. This way each shelf will serve a purpose and you know exactly where you need to go. Throw all the old food out. Organize cereals in jars and place granola bars in a container. Get rid of the bulk in your pantry and minimize with containers and jars.

7. Under the stairs: The often neglected space beneath a staircase provides an ideal spot for built-in drawers and cabinets. Store extra household items and other goods that are currently not in use under the stairs. Build cabinet drawers to hide clutter and gain easy access.

8. Dresser Drawer: Purchase plastic planks to help divide clothes. This will not only maximize your space but allow you to see everything at once. Place larger clothes in drawers vertically so it opens up more space.

Often we overlook unused space and our things around the house start to pile up. Now that your home is organized and de-cluttered, you can clear your mind and be refreshed.

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