Color Me Pretty

Even the prettiest of homes can start feeling dull after a few years, and sometimes repainting your home is just the makeover it needs. It works well whether you are thinking about selling your house or are in need of freshening up your space.

Selling Your House 

shutterstock_160490465The safest bet when selling your house is to paint your walls in neutral tones, such as ivory or beige. Neutral colors can give buyers a blank canvas to work with should they wish to repaint the walls.



Even if you are not selling your home, ivory and beige tones can be used to brighten up your space. You can add colorful pillows and linens to complement the walls, or use a colorful trim as an accent color to your space.

Keep It Light


If you prefer a subtle look there are a range of colors that can be used. Pastel colors such as lavenders, pinks, baby blues, and butter yellows can impart a calm feeling and make the house look airy and spacious. For some added dimension, paint the trim a shade darker than the walls.

Color Riot


Some people prefer to keep it calm and toned down but if you are not one of them, there are plenty of colors in the rainbow to choose from. Why go with white when red, orange, green, blue and purple can add that vibrant touch? It’s also a good idea to paint your trim, baseboard or ceiling in a neutral color to bring in a sense of balance without overwhelming the space.

Adding Sheen


It’s a good idea to invest a bit of money in the quality of paints than having to repaint frequently. After all, you don’t want all the hard work of painting the walls to end up looking worn out the next year, or dirty with kids scribbling all over the walls. To save yourself the trouble, choose glossy or semi-glossy finishes for easy cleanup.

It does not take a designer to make your home look pretty. All you need is a little paint and creativity to let your imagination fly and turn your home from something old to something new.

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