It’s a Homerun! How Baseball is Like Real Estate

It’s time to batter up and make that homerun! Spring is here and baseball season is back. Baseball is an exciting past time because it brings us entertainment, the nostalgia of the all-American sport and watching our favorite teams score homeruns. Taking a closer look at the sport, it has a lot of commonality with real estate.

1. Working Together as a Unit
Baseball is a team sport and players depend on their teammates to help them score that homerun. Just like in real estate, agents rely on others to help them be their best. Although agents are paid based on individual performance, they still work as a unit when it comes to working together. Sluggers see better pitches because the hitter in front of him got on base. In the cases of real estate, a satisfied client will most likely refer their friends and family to their agent, ensuring long-term success for the agent down the line. Working as a team with your clients and even with your colleagues is generally a guarantee for success.

2. Long Season
Compared to any other sport, the baseball season is long, running for approximately six months. Like real estate, agents have long runs in the spring with businesses typically slowing down during the winter months. Agents schedule and businesses often run on seasonality.

3. The Details are Important
The best players in baseball spend every spring practicing hard. Even though they’ve played the sport for most of their lives, the margin between best and great are very thin. Just a couple hits more could ensure your chance to win the all-star game. This same idea plays into real estate. Agents who constantly practice their game are the ones who close that extra sale and lands that bonus. It’s important to be precise in real estate and pay attention to clients’ needs and be diligent throughout all steps. After all, it’s all about the details.

4. Scoring Homeruns
Every sport and every business has a goal. In baseball, it’s important to score as many homeruns as possible. The goal is to win as a team. As real estate agents, it’s also important to ensure clients are happy and help them find their dream home. In order to find people homes, they have to close the sale – scoring that final homerun!

What’s the number one thing that baseball and real estate have in common? Getting home.

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