Creative Ways to use Hammocks Around the Home

When you think of a hammock, one of the first thoughts that come to mind likely includes lazing the day away under the trees with a good book, or possibly even napping. Hammocks beat sleeping on the ground—after all, you’re above it—and the soothing swinging motion is gentle enough to rock you to a nice long siesta. But hammocks don’t have to be just for the outdoors. In fact, there are a few different and creative ways you can incorporate hammocks inside your home. Here are a few to begin with.

Hammock in the Living Room


Spruce your living room up by adding a stylish and chic hammock. This can be a nice touch to your current décor or use it as the main attractor. Hammocks never go out of trend and everyone can benefit from a little afternoon nap.

Hammocks for your Pet


As much as we love taking naps, our little fur animals also enjoy a good hammock. Try hanging a small hammock under a coffee table for easy access for your pets. We guarantee this will be a favorite spot in the home.

Hammock for the Kids


Add some fun in the kids’ room by adding a hammock. If you have a loft bed you can easily set one up underneath. You can also have a stand alone hammock in the corner for the kids to play on. Hammocks aren’t just for adults, it can be used for kids, pets and a crafty place to store your stuff.

Plant Hammocks


Adding green to your home is one of the best ways to bring nature to your décor. You can get macramé planters and display plants inside the little hammock. This can also be an easy DIY craft that even kids can help make. There is no better way to nurture your indoor plants.

In celebration of #NationalHammockDay, we wanted to bring a little hammock fun to your home. Decorating can be fun and we love to incorporate unique ideas into the home.

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