The Cryptocurrency Craze Has Hit Real Estate

At this point, you’ve definitely heard about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies unless you’ve been living under a rock. But what you may not have heard about is the intersection of cryptocurrency and real estate. It’s definitely new, but interest is growing and there seems to be a new real estate coin or blockchain every day.

You can check out our article about Property Coin, one of the leading real estate investment coins on the market, and here are some more of the new cryptocurrencies on the forefront of this RE-Crypto movement.


Deedcoin is a platform that will replace the way you find your next real estate professional. After a customer inputs property information onto the platform, they are matched up with a local Deedcoin agent for only 1% commission. DEED coins will then be used to decide the commission or rebate before meeting with an agent. Learn more about this company at


This is a tokenized real estate investment fund where each token represents an interest in a Limited Partnership. That money is then used to invest in multifamily housing across the United States. Participants of the private sale will receive up to 20% of the General Partner’s profits and public token sales will be available in Spring 2018. Learn how you can invest with Realecoin at

Real Estate Asset Ledger

REAL is a crowdfunded property investment token that uses blockchain technology. It will offer cryptocurrency investors a way to incorporate a less volatile coin into their portfolios because it is governed by Ethereum smart contracts, keeping a transparent record of the investment portfolio. Investors can essentially purchase fractionalized non-ownership economic rights from a varied property portfolio. You can learn more about REAL at


Propy aims to break down the barriers facing international real estate transactions by creating a property store and asset transfer platform for the global real estate industry that is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. They sold PRO coins to raise in order to raise money for the startup. Learn more about Propy’s global marketplace at

Whatever your opinion is on cryptocurrencies, there’s no doubt that they are gaining momentum in the real estate industry. In May, there will be a “Real Estate, Bitcoin & Wealth” conference in Toronto which will cover bitcoin investing, bitcoin mining, and flipping properties. There is even an International Blockchain Real Estate Association that provides educational resources about implementing blockchain in real estate. So, is crypto the ONE for you?

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