Welcome to the Big Leagues, Rookie!

If you want to be good at something, it takes a lot of practice. Finding true success and confidence in almost anything does not happen overnight.  The best have mastered their craft and are recognized as the greatest.  The same goes for being a real estate professional. In the beginning, it takes time, patience and relentless determination.  The early stages of an agent’s career can be difficult and frustrating but also vital in that you will learn the foundation of how to find everlasting success as a real estate professional. It’s a given that there are going to be setbacks at the beginning of your career. There are, however, simple habits rookie agents can build that will get the ball rolling for a career in real estate.  Those setbacks can be utilized as lessons to learn from.

Rookie Season Tips and Tricks:

  • Know your territory – Start with your brokerage. Check out the listings in every area and price range.  Familiarize yourself with what your company and peers are doing.  Perhaps, hold one of the listing’s open houses.  The trick is to digest as much information as possible in the quickest way possible.
  • Remembering key factors with homes/clients – You are going to be taking in a lot of information at the start. Think about when you used to study for exams in school. What method worked for you for remembering information? Utilize that same method in your real estate career. You want to be an expert!
  • Be open to everything – In this line of work, business is anything but predictable. It is important to be open to all different avenues of potential business. Think about your everyday life and who you meet, converse with, stand behind at the grocery store, sit on the side line with at your kid’s soccer practice, etc. The possibilities are endless with finding potential clients. The trick is to always be listening.
  • Staying up to date on latest developments – You want to be the first person to know about the latest developments in your area. Holding this knowledge will help your future business and strengthen your expertise.
  • Be an expert and share your knowledge – Buyers and sellers are paying for your service, so it’s important to have information they cannot figure out on their own. Your expertise on a particular neighborhood or development will also establish trust with your potential client, which is crucial when they are on the verge of making the biggest purchase in their lifetime.
  • Find a partner in crime – The phrase ‘misery loves its company’ is probably way too harsh in this context but finding a peer that is also new to the real estate game will make the beginning not seem so intimidating. You will have a confidant to share stories, new experiences, and new discoveries you both can learn and grow from.


Being a rookie doesn’t have to be so bad.  The early stages of a career in real estate can actually be very exciting if you approach it with determination, hard work, and an optimistic view of what is possible.  You will soon see the fruits of your labor and be able to continue to grow your personal business.

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