Using IGTV for Your Real Estate Business

Instagram recently rolled out a new app called IGTV designed specifically for people who are interested in creating content for their followers. The app is unique in that it’s made for long form or vertical videos for mobile devices, and unlike Instagram Stories, videos can run longer than 1 minute. If you already have the Instagram app installed in your device, you can access IGTV in the top right corner of Instagram’s homepage without having to download the dedicated app.

While in its infancy stages, IGTV is an excellent platform for listing videos, open houses, and casual videos showcasing the day-to-day happenings of a real estate professional. Beyond that, real estate professionals that utilize this feature will likely impress their audience, proving that they can keep up with the latest tech trends in social media. Younger audiences and millennial buyers will find tech savvy agents more appealing than those who rely solely on paper and pen methods.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to get started.

Set Up Your Channel

To set up your IGTV channel, click on the TV icon in the top right corner of your Instagram homepage. If you have the app, sign in using your Instagram username. Once IGTV opens, tap on your profile photo. You can begin uploading videos onto your channel by hitting the “+” sign. IGTV doesn’t currently have a recording function so you’ll have to record videos on your phone before uploading them. Videos must be longform or vertical, and 15 seconds to 10 minutes long. Influencers (verified users) can upload content up to 60 minutes in length. Once you’ve uploaded your video, give it a title with one or two SEO keywords, a description, and any links you’d like your audience to visit.


IGTV will automatically generate videos for you to watch and bucket them into four categories: For You, Following, Popular, and Continue Watching. Commenting, liking a video, and sharing are possible and even encouraged on this platform. Show some love to other content creators by watching their videos and tapping the “heart” icon or leaving a comment.

Shelf Life

As of this writing, videos on IGTV may stay on your channel for as long as you’d like. If your video is no longer relevant (e.g., the listing has sold), you can delete the video by selecting it, tapping the three-dot icon, and selecting “delete”. If you’re interested in metrics, IGTV gives you the ability to view your video’s insights and analytics.

Even if you’re not thinking about moonlighting as a social media influencer, IGTV can serve as a beneficial element to your real estate business. Many people spend a good portion of their day browsing through their social media platforms and most folks crave new and exciting content. If you’re thinking about utilizing this new platform, do it soon as IGTV isn’t currently running any ads.

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