It’s Time for Basecamp

Dana Point, CA

What is Basecamp? By definition, a basecamp is the main encampment that provides supplies, shelter, and communications for persons engaged in wide-ranging activities, such as exploring or mountain climbing.

ONE of the most difficult and physically challenging feats known to man is to climb the summit of Mount Everest. To accomplish this challenge, you must first spend some time at basecamp to acclimate to the altitude, receive all the tools and training before you head out on your expedition.

For the next three days, our Realty ONE Group Leaders will receive first-hand information on the latest tech tools, innovative marketing techniques, news, and industry trends in real estate. All the training, resources and knowledge they receive can then be passed on to their pros and associates. From there, our teams will be ready to ascend ONE Summit!

They will learn from the best in the business, attend powerful keynote speaker sessions, and immerse themselves in our ONE Coolture.

This leadership retreat will feature some of the most innovative minds in the industry:

Stefan Swanepoel- Chairman & CEO T3 Sixty

Stefan J. M. Swanepoel is an American business executive, author and real estate businessperson. He has served as president of two non-profit organizations and seven companies, including a New York-based global franchise network.

Mike Maddock- Author of “Free the Idea Monkey”

Mike Maddock is an entrepreneur, an inventor, a writer and a keynote speaker. Mike calls himself an ‘Idea Monkey’ because he loves to solve problems with disruptive ideas. He spends his days advising CEOs from both Fortune 100s and startups on how to create the teams and products that change the world.

Ray Gillenwater- Co-founder and CEO or SpeakUp

Ray Gillenwater is the co-founder and CEO of SpeakUp, and the co-founder of The Strength Co. He specializes in simplifying complexities, defining and achieving goals, and leveraging resources efficiently and effectively.

Kathy Baker- Real Estate Coach & Consulting

Kathy Baker is a North Carolina Broker and has been involved in real estate for 30+ years as a consultant, coach, recruiter and trainer in the industry. She has instituted mentoring and coaching programs for newly licensed agents, which enabled many to earn more than $100,000 in their first year in the industry.

There will also be various panels discussing a wide a range of industry topics like, “How to help your agents sell more”, “How to create retention with your agents”, “How to attract more agents”, as well as tech updates and utilizing social media as a valued resource.  Our leaders will leave this retreat inspired and ready to share the innovation with their real estate professionals.  Together, we will all reach the summit as ONE!

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