The ONE Stop Shop for Realty ONE Group Pacifica

Longview, WA

Brad and MaryAnn Whittaker of Realty ONE Group Pacifica are in the final stages of their brand new office renovation in a historic three story building in downtown Longview, WA located in the 1300 block of Commerce Avenue.  This project will create a “ONE-stop shop” for new homeowners by renting space for cabinet showrooms, home insurance agents and financial planners. It will also be a space for local non profits to hold events and activities.

Built in 1923, the building “has a few unusual aspects due to its age,” explains Brad.  The building was remodeled by the former tenant in the late 90s, but still has some work to be done to get it to where Brad and MaryAnn want it to be.  Brad says, “The building’s going to have some quirks… so we decided to embrace those.  We’ve got a dip in the floor and this wall looks a little funky, but that’s okay.” 

Two of three floors are already complete with the first floor on its way.  The finished floors are already open to the public with the Whittaker’s office and Affordable Cabinets, Granite and Floors on Level 2.  The remodeled top floor has more offices for tenants and real estate agents.  There is a large room with lots of natural light that can be used for meetings, trainings, and real estate courses.  Local non-profits can also use the space for free. “It doesn’t matter to us whether it’s Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the United Way, we don’t care! This room’s not going to be used all the time, so why not let people have it that need space?  It’s an opportunity for us to give back.”

The lower level will have a café, kitchen and living room for workers and clients to relax.  It will also include a conference room and the entire floor will have an industrial theme with repurposed wood and steel to pay homage to Longview’s history as a mill city.  Near the building is the restored Long-Bell steam whistle, which regulated the work days of hundreds of sawmill workers when the company founded the city in the 1920s.  This project will truly be a beautiful representation of Longview’s community, culture, and history.

“At the end of the year, we’ll know how much money we’ve made, but how much money we give back to the community is really the number we get excited about,” says Brad.

Brad and MaryAnn Whittaker are providing yet another example of what it truly means to CARE!  Their building renovation will provide working space, offices, conference rooms, and communal space for not only local business professionals and real estate agents, but also local non profits who need space for events or meetings.  The project will streamline the home ownership process by eventually bringing everything under ONE roof!  The renovation is nearly complete and soon all three floors of Realty ONE Group Pacifica will be open to the community in Longview, WA.

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