Simple Beacon Technology

Simple Beacon wants you to reap the rewards of more listings, more leads and happier clients

Technology allows us to find new ways to engage with and bring more personalized experiences to our clients. It can also be a tool that showcases us above our competition. Ideally, it offers the benefit of both at the same time. Simple Beacon is that technology (and it doesn’t break the bank). What is Simple Beacon? First, a Bluetooth “Beacon” (a pocket-sized widget) sends a personalized message and website link to everyone in its vicinity with an Android smartphone. The owner of the smartphone or tablet receives the message much like a notification for a new email or text message. For example, the message could read, “Click Here for 123 Main St. Virtual Tour” with a link directly to the virtual tour. With Simple Beacon, there’s no need to download a special app. It works with Bluetooth and a Google Service that is enabled in the smartphone by default.

Relevance in Real Estate Business

Simple Beacon’s technology is known as Proximity Marketing where the interaction or message to a target audience is related to a physical location. For example in the real estate industry, the device helps realtors in spreading their listings or lead generating information whenever their target audience is in proximity of the Beacon.

Here is how Simple Beacon helps realtors in engaging clients and prospects

  1. Advertise a current listing 24/7. Place a Beacon in a property you are selling. Whenever a potential buyer walks or drives by within 250 feet of the property, your Beacon will send your customized notification to their smartphone or mobile device with a link to the virtual tour of the property.
  2. Set yourself apart from your competition and win more listings by incorporating this new technology in your listing presentation. Professional pictures, virtual tours, printed flyers, were all novel at one time but are now expected. Show your potential clients how you are ahead of the curve and will market their home in a new and unique way.
  3. Increase your credibility. Adopting a cutting-edge technology like Simple Beacon gives you a reason to reach out to your database to tell them about it. You will be offering valuable information while demonstrating that you are an expert in the industry.
  4. Simple Beacon helps you increase lead generation. Use the Beacon to broadcast your messages and a video link, virtual tour, website, Facebook page, or landing page in a localized area such as restaurants, movie theaters, parks, and just about anywhere people are looking at their phones. For example, while at a restaurant a beacon in your pocket or handbag could be sending the message, “Get your home’s value before your food arrives!”, with a link to your home valuation landing page.
  5. Enhance client experience during open houses by giving visitors pertinent home information while collecting their sign-in info.

How It Works

You purchase individual Beacons and subscribe to the Simple Beacon service to control them. Simple Beacon is very easy to use. The Beacons are already enabled when you receive them. Simply log in to your online dashboard, enter your custom message and link information for a listing, home valuation landing page or any other marketing strategy you are implementing to engage with clients. You can change the message and link for each Beacon as many times and as often as you want.

Enhance and make your marketing efforts more efficient and costs effective with Simple Beacon. Harness the full potential of Proximity Marketing and reap the rewards of more listings and more leads.

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