Finding Fulfillment by Leading With Purpose

It’s a privilege to lead, and to lead with purpose is a privilege with an even greater responsibility. You have a team of individuals with different strengths who look to you for guidance and direction, and knowing that you have to live up to those expectations can sometimes seem overwhelming. The idea of possibly letting your team down can invade your thoughts at the most inconvenient times, but the key to breaking past those mental barriers is understanding how to find fulfillment in leading with purpose.

At Realty ONE Group, many of our real estate professionals are under the watchful eye of non-competing brokers and managers. As mentors, our brokers and managers are committed to empowering their real estate professionals by providing tools and resources so that they may achieve the next level of success, no matter where they are in their business. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing your real estate professionals take the initiative to go out into the field and create their own paths to success.

When the time to lead comes, the best practice is to do so with confidence and good intentions. Career advancement is important, but so is professional and personal development. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when in a role of leadership.

Assess Why You Want to Lead

Some people are born leaders, while others wish to follow. If you’re the former, clarify your reasons for wanting to be in this position. What are your goals? What do you value most on a professional level, and do you have a vision for your team and organization? Once you nail down your goals, share them with your team—and do it often. People who work toward the same goal will usually give it their all, and if you celebrate everyone’s accomplishments along the way, they will know that their efforts are not for naught.

Observe Your Environment

It’s important to be aware of what’s going on around you at work and within your industry to understand if these factors will impact how you will lead. What new pressures are you and your team experiencing? Are your employees feeling as if they’re not receiving the proper support to effectively do their job and meet the department’s goals? Once you identify any circumstances that may hinder your performance (or that of your employees), approach the issue by offering solutions, whether it’s adding resources, extending deadlines or reaching out to other departments for assistance.

Delegate Responsibly

Your ideas and vision are bigger than you, so trust in your employees to help you achieve the milestones that are needed to succeed in the long run. Let your employees know how much you trust in their skills by allowing them to take ownership of their projects. If you loop in members of your team and give each person a project to complete, they will rise to the occasion. Keep an open-door policy in the event they need to come to you for assistance, and offer them guidance in regard to how they can complete the task.

 Leadership involves a lot of planning, problem solving and listening, but most importantly, it involves finding and fulfilling a purpose. Lead with integrity and give meaning to what you’re working toward, and you’ll find that both you and your employees will be much closer to success than you originally thought.

Professional development, mentorship and coaching are important keys to success, and Realty ONE Group offers this and much more to their real estate professionals. To learn how Realty ONE Group can help you lead with purpose and take your business to the next level, visit 

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