Prepping Like a Professional

Now that summer is officially over, there’s a familiar crispness in the air that ushers in shorter days, the bustle that comes with the holidays, and of course, America’s favorite pastime, baseball.

October is the time for post-season baseball, where the best teams compete for the World Series. As a professional baseball player, there is no better accomplishment.  It takes an unbelievable amount of skill, talent, determination, teamwork, chemistry, and 30 million other things to be crowned the World Champions…but it all starts with preparation.

Taking advantage of the “slower months”

Just like a professional ball player, real estate pros need to focus their energy by planning ahead to find unmatched success.   Now is the time to start thinking about, anticipating, and preparing for the next year.  The fourth quarter is typically a slower time for the real estate industry with the holidays and fewer people looking to move during the winter months.  However, there are unique opportunities for professionals looking to make the extra effort and build their business during these slower months.

Getting a head start on the “peak selling months”

Traditionally, March and April are some of the busiest months for real estate professionals.  Many sellers want to list their homes during this time as properties are more likely to sell above the listing price.  Preparing with your clients now will make next spring run smoother. Work with your clients who are thinking of listing their home during this time and make sure their home is ready for the market before the spring rush begins. It will also give you the time to properly assist all your clients during the busiest time of the year.

Who is likely to move?

In this age of information, much can be found about potential clients through different lead generation tools and social media platforms.  Determining what stage a client is at in life will be a huge indicator of where and when they are looking to move.  For example, perhaps there is a couple that is expecting their first child in the next couple of months. They probably will be looking to move before the baby is due. Targeting these clients through Facebook Ads and referencing their growing family is an excellent way to grow your personal business.

If someone in your network has announced they got a new job and are moving, this is a perfect opportunity to display your real estate expertise and ease their stress of finding a new home. It’s actually astonishing the amount of leads that can be found by just checking in on your network and seeing what the latest happenings are in someone’s life.

So as we sit on our couches after a long day and tune into Major League Baseball’s Playoffs, think about the players out on the field and how much training and preparation they endured to get to this moment. Think and prepare like a professional baseball player and make the necessary moves in your career to discover the level of success that only the elite get to experience.

It’s best practice to stay ahead of the game and be prepared for any curveballs in your career. To learn how you can become the next superstar in the real estate business, visit

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