Adapt & Expand

In our ever changing real estate market there is one thing that we all need to stay alive. That is new construction.

Without contractors and builders building new homes to handle our population growth, whether it is apartments, a housing tract or a single custom home, we would have a mess on our hands with a large portion of the population that would not have a roof over their heads.

New construction allows a young person to move out of mom and dad’s house and into their first apartment. It allows a young married couple the opportunity to buy a bigger home as their family expands. It allows the empty nesters a chance to scale down to a more manageable property.

It is a circle of our life we all live in.

Land, Land, Land…

The key to all of this is land. Land sales and the agent who specializes in it, are on the front line when it comes to working with contractors, developers and builders.

Land sales and working with contractors, developers and builders is an enjoyable way to earn a six figure commission check as a real estate agent.

When specializing in land sales, it does not stop you in any way from selling homes, duplexes, apartments, or any other type of real estate. It does however, make you the agent to go to when land buyers are looking to build a large apartment complex or a large housing tract.

Learning land sales of all types is possible for every agent who wants to grow their business and for the agent who wants to earn that six figure commission check on one sale!

A Unique Opportunity

Other agents shy away from land sales, however the agent who jumps on board and grabs the reins can increase their business by focusing on the land product that is in demand.

This agent is open-minded to expanding their business growth and will be by doing more land sales as part of their overall business.

While many agents are competing to list and sell a five-million-dollar luxury home, the same large commission check can be gained by listing and selling a five-million-dollar piece of land.

Commentary By: Steve Hooper of Realty ONE Group Southwest – an award winning, highly respected land sales specialist and has been for over 30 years. He is the author of “The Real Estate Agents Land Sales Training Manual” available on

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