Budget Friendly Ways to Boost Curb Appeal in California

Draw attention to your home by creating a high amount of curb appeal without a high price. There are plenty of ways to upgrade the exterior of your home with just a few dollars and a little bit of time. Make sure that your home is noticed, and more importantly remembered, by potential home buyers who will be out for a day touring multiple properties. Check out these simple and inexpensive ways to boost curb appeal when trying to sell your home:

Keep It Trimmed

One of the easiest ways to raise your home’s curb appeal, without spending much money, is to keep the lawn and garden maintained. Continue to mow the grass on a regular basis as well as trim overgrown shrubs and trees that have the potential to become an eyesore for potential buyers. Take care to mow and edge the lawn the day before a showing or open house to keep the yard looking fresh. Consider mowing the lawn at an angle to provide even more interest to your home as well.

Include Native Beauty

Adding freshly planted flowers to the front part of your home is a great way to grab attention as well as add beauty. Choose native plants that do well in your area, like the California Poppy or Ithuriel’s Spear, that will provide vibrant color to your home and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Including native plant varieties is a low maintenance way to ensure that the plants can thrive in your yard and is a meaningful way to save time during the busy home selling season.

Wash Away Grime

Renting a power washer for a day can instantly brighten the exterior portions of the home that have seen too many years of neglect. Power washing a concrete, brick, or stone walkway will take off the dark film that can accrue and is an easy job to complete. Hook up your hose to a power washer and watch as years of dirt are cleared away. Ask to borrow a power washer from friends and family to save even more money as well.

Repair Small Issues

Many homes have small maintenance issues that have been overlooked for an extended period. Make these small issues a priority by carefully inspecting the front areas of your home. Repairs, like replacing a crumbling brick of the walkway or connecting a gutter to the house, are important things that will be noticed by potential buyers. Most of the time these repairs don’t cost much and are more of a nuisance to repair due to the small amount of time it takes to complete them. Setting aside time now to tackle these small projects will pay off dividends when an offer is made.

Upgrade Exterior Lighting

Outdated exterior lights can not only look old and worn out but they also significantly lessen the curb appeal of a home. Make sure that your exterior lights are in proper working condition as well as provide a professional look to your home. Consider replacing outdated fixtures with new ones to modernize your house to raise curb appeal. There are many affordable lighting fixtures available that are both budget-friendly and beautiful. Consider upgrading your exterior lights to add value and style to your home as well.

Creating interest in your home dramatically depends on the condition and overall look of your home’s curb appeal. Help potential buyers notice your home by creating a welcoming and beautiful exterior. Keep the lawn mowed and considered power washing the hardscaped areas of your front yard. Upgrade the exterior lights as well as add native flowers to upgrade the look of your home instantly. Repair small issues that could become eyesores as well. Consider all of these budget-friendly ways to boost curb appeal when selling your home this season.

Commentary By: Sam Lambert, an outdoor living expert. Sam loves cultivating his own fruit and vegetables in his backyard. You might have seen Sam riding past you on a local dirt biking trail or climbing a nearby rock wall.

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