How do you build a culture-driven office — and why does it matter?

Good recruiters and franchise owners know that recruiting real estate professionals is not a one-size-fits-all game. Agents choose their home offices based on a number of factors that mean the most to them. The trick is figuring out what the combination is for each individual. 

Social media allows us to get to know some of an agent’s wants and needs before even meeting them, but most of the answers come in conversations and getting to know each other. And while agents join for a broad range of reasons, it’s hard to deny that office culture doesn’t play even a small part in the decision.

Here are three reasons why, if you build a dynamic office culture, they will come:

No. 1 – A Modern, Lively Office Makes a Great First Impression

You’ve captured their attention with targeted marketing and now they’re ready to talk. Instead of inviting them to coffee, bring them in to the office so they can experience what it’s like to be a part of your team. 

If you’ve spent time creating a modern, new and lively office then you won’t have to worry about making a solid first impression. And it matters, not only for them but for their buyers and sellers. Beautiful artwork, fun and inspiring design, even a café area sends the message that you care about their work environment and about making their clients feel at home. 

No. 2 – We All Like to Belong

We all want to feel like we belong and that our voice matters. Create an office with full collaboration, including workspaces designed to facilitate it, and your real estate professionals will feel like they’re a part of a team. Host office events meant to bring them together, facilitate opportunities for your agents to ask questions of each other and encourage mentoring among the more experienced agents and others. You’ll build an open and interactive office culture that’s nurturing and encouraging and a place where people will actually want to come and spend time.

No. 3 – Paying It Forward Pays Off

There are just too many people in need and too many nonprofit organizations that need help to not give back. If you believe in charitable giving and weave it into the fabric of your office, other compassionate and empathetic individuals will be drawn to you naturally. Reports show that all generations care more and more about making social impact and will affiliate with companies who are philanthropic and generous.

Create a valuable partnership with a 501(c)3 in your community or better yet, join a national real estate franchisor that has their own so that you can make your own impact in the lives of your real estate professionals and those they serve.

Realty ONE Group offers its real estate professionals 100% commission, a growing and thriving brand, coaching and mentoring, a cool culture, modern offices and an opportunity to give back to the community. Visit with us and find out why so many agents are making the move and staying with Realty ONE Group.

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