Tips On Working Remote and Telecommuting

Telecommuting, working remote, working from home – call it what you like. Here are my top tips to help with your transition and what I’ve learned over the past 15 years of working remote and semi-remote:

  1. Start your day off as you would going to the office. Shower, get dressed, wash up, get your coffee and enjoy it away from your desk and in fresh air
  2. Keep a clean desk and don’t have any personal belongings on your desk. Sure, keep a picture of your partner and/or kids – but allowing you to focus fully on your job remotely involves a clear space
  3. Take breaks away from your desk. If the weather allows, go for a quick 5-minute walk outside. Have a quick conversation with a neighbor. Heck, even get a load of laundry out of the way
  4. Music can help, so can silence. Whatever floats your boat – but keep it as a variety. I’ve learned moments with nothing but silence allows you to focus a bit more to complete a task
  5. Leave for lunch – drive thru’s are still open and many restaurants are converting for take-out and curbside delivery to your car. This helps to support our small businesses and our economy functioning.
  6. Use the technology your company provides. If you’re used to walking to a co-worker’s desk (hopefully not interrupting them) use messaging apps like Slack for those conversations. Most allow not only for text conversations but also audio and video!
  7. Change your position and keep your mind fresh. If you have a laptop computer, take it outside or in another room facing a different scene. Use the patio or backyard.
  8. Hydrate! Drink lots of water and as tempting as it could stay away from any sugar to avoid that inevitable crash.
  9. End the day and really end the day. Shut down your computer, turn off the monitor, tuck away your chair and walk away. Bust a Mr. Rogers move and change your cardigan if you need to. Having this closure can allow you to transition to your family time.

I hope this helps anyone new to working remotely or having difficulty transitioning. These are just some things top-of-mind. There are many other tips out there, just make sure you take care of yourself! If you need help or are struggling with the transition please reach out, we’re in this together y’all!

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