Progressing Your Real Estate Career During a Pandemic

These are unprecedented times and for real estate professionals, it is an increasingly difficult climate to navigate.  However, there are certain action steps ONE can take to ensure their business doesn’t just survive but thrives during this global pandemic. When the dust inevitably settles, you and your business will be ready to hit the ground running!

Follow these 7 steps to keep YOU motivated and your business moving forward:

1. Understanding the economy & current market:

Stay up to date on industry news and trends and what is happening with the economy amid the global pandemic. Make sure you know what is happening on both a national and local level. For example, mortgage rates are dropping, and the cause is not due to COVID-19.

2. Stay in the know on your local rules…and FOLLOW THEM!

Business will continue, but it is important to know if your state has listed real estate as essential or non-essential business.  Following your state’s laws is a must. This is a list of all businesses listed as essential or not.

3. Finding New Ways to Work

Although some things need to continue to be done in person, the best real estate professionals are learning how to continue conducting business over the phone or electronically. Set up a home office and keep it separate from where you relax.  Start every morning as you normally would. Conduct meetings that would normally be in person, via phone or video conference. 

4. Virtual Tours & Staging

Virtual tours are a great way to show off a home while socially distancing. Setting up times between the prospective buyer and seller is the best way to facilitate this.  Virtual staging is also very cost effective when compared to some stager’s prices and can be a great money saver.

The number of 3-D home tours created on Zillow went up 326 percent according to a survey conducted on March 20. 

5. Prepping a Home: Eliminate the Need for Touching

If you are showing a home in person, coach sellers to leave the lights on and closet doors open. They should also, wipe everything down once everyone is gone. It’s a must to eliminate any potential risk.

6. Your Health and Safety is Just as Important

Use hand sanitizer, gloves, a mask, and practice social distancing if you are going out. Most people will be understanding during this time, and some will even be grateful that you are willing to meet in person at all.

7.Getting motivated

Now is a tough time to be motivated while we are all at home, but the market is still out there, the only thing that has changed is how business gets done. 

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