The Four Things You’ve Learned During the Pandemic that You Can’t Forget.

As we move into this world that none of us could have predicted, we need to remember certain things that we learned during the Coronavirus Pandemic that are absolutely beneficial to continuing to thrive and grow your business. There are four key things to consider:

  1. Real Estate professionals always hustle (in bad and good markets)

We may not have seen a worldwide pandemic like this before, but we have seen the market go through very similar days in the past.  I’m sure we all remember the crash in 2007 and the real estate professionals that were able to continue their business were the ONEs who hustled.  Realty ONE Group started just three years before the crash, and through hard work and hustle, actually continued to grow the brand during the crash.  Professionals today can continue to grow their business during the pandemic.

  1. Your Broker should be your biggest champion

Finding the right brokerage that gives you the perfect balance between support & freedom is absolutely crucial.  You want to be able to run your business the way you want, but with the support of a full-fledged brokerage.  The right brokerage with the right tools and people in place is a total difference maker.

  1. We have to embrace technology

For some time, technology has played a major role in Real Estate, but now it is more important than ever.  Unfortunately, it might be some time until Real Estate can operate as it once did, so for many, investing in technology is the answer.  Agents, broker owners, and corporate employees have all had to adjust and reevaluate their responsibilities to come up with new ways of completing them virtually or remotely. 

  1. The world will continue to change

ONE thing we can be certain of is that the world will continue to change, and we have to embrace it.  Change isn’t always necessary a bad thing and sometimes it is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate how you have been operating and how you can improve.  Realty ONE Group’s manifesto is an incredible philosophy that we all could learn a little bit from:

“You have ONE life to live.  ONE chance to make it mean something and ONE opportunity to live with no regrets.  Take risks.  Be bold.  Seize the day.  Respect others and the world around you.  Your circumstances will change. People will change.  You will change.  Be open to it.  Embrace it.  Live it.  EveryONE matters and everyONE has a voice.”

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