Putting Some Extra LOVE Into Your House This Independence Day

Although we may have to celebrate a little bit differently this Fourth of July, we will be celebrating, nonetheless. The firework shows, crowded parks, carnivals, and public events may not look the same, but this is an opportunity to put some extra love into your house and turn it into the home you always wanted. Spend some time with your family and together, create a Summer sanctuary for all to enjoy!

Curb Appeal You Can Appreciate Now More Than Ever

We are spending much more time at home than ever before. Work, school, even date night has now become something we do at home. With that in mind, why not make some simple touch- ups to your house to boost your curb appeal.

Painting is a simple and efficient way to refresh your home. Whether you want to focus on the interior or exterior, look for places where there is chipped paint, scuff marks, or damage. Without as many visitors, you can focus on the most noticeable places in your home. For the exterior, keep the trim crisp and clean and this will help you avoid repainting the entire home.

It’s Time for a Deep Clean

As homeowners, we simultaneously also become collectors of unnecessary goods. Spend some time in your attic, basement, hall closet, or crawl space and purge any unwanted goods. You will be amazed at the amount of extra space you will have and how good de-cluttering feels. Remember, “a clean house is a clear mind.”

This part isn’t fun, but it is worth it. Find the places in your house that do not always get cleaned or maybe purposely avoided and clean them! Get under the furniture and dust off the ceiling. Clean the base boards and clean out the fridge! You will feel such a sense of accomplishment and relief.

Family, Fun, Refuel: Kuba Jewgieniew’s Recipe for the Fourth

Realty ONE Group’s Founder & CEO, Kuba Jewgieniew has developed a recipe to get the absolute most out of your Fourth of July Weekend. Kuba says, “Spend this time with your family and loved ONEs. Get creative at your home and do something fun you’ve always wanted to do. Take this time to refuel, reenergize, and get ready for what is next.” This weekend should be rewarding, fun, relaxing, productive, and full of LOVE.

Happy Independence Day America!

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