Choosing a Real Estate Broker | What to look for when choosing where to hang your license

Choosing the right real estate broker is a critical choice when it comes to the support, the tools & technology, the commission, and the lifestyle it will provide you, as the agent.  Ultimately, you are an independent contractor and running your own business, but the right brokerage can really help you make that business a success.  

How to choose a real estate broker

There are many aspects to focus on when choosing where to hang your license including: commission, brand culture/identity, support, innovation, tools & tech offered, and community service.  So many real estate brokerages claim to have it all, but few do. You want to find a broker that can talk the talk and walk the walk.  For the last fifteen years, Realty ONE Group has been ONE of those brands that can do both.

Which real estate company is best for new agents?

If you’re taking the plunge into the world of real estate as a new agent, firs of all, welcome! You have entered what can be a very fulfilling and successful career if you choose to make it that way. Getting started in real estate can feel daunting but choosing the right brokerage will provide you with the necessary support to start this new career.  Look for mentorship programs. The right training & education will put you miles ahead of the game in no time.  Realty ONE Group’s Learning Management System, ONE University, is an education platform unlike any other in the industry.  

Which real estate company has the best training & education?

To put it simply, ONE.U is an online training & education platform with over 3,000 courses and available content. Professionals have access 24/7 and there is information for every agent at any stage of their career.  This incredible learning management system comes free with being part of Realty ONE Group and right now, educating yourself is more important than ever.

Questions to ask when choosing a real estate brokerage to work for

There are some quick questions to consider when choosing a brokerage that you might even be able to answer with some online research:

  • What is the commission split?
  • What is the company’s reputation locally and nationally?
  • Is the company well established in your area?
  • Is there a training plan in place for new agents?
  • What sort of technology, support, and marketing resources do they offer?
  • Does the brokerage specialize in a certain area of real estate?

Once you’ve done your research, you can narrow down your choices and make a decision that will be best for your business and your future!

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