Are You Ready for the Spring Surge?

Remember last spring…. Okay, now forget about it. Spring 2021 is going to bloom like never before. We are on the brink of going back to some sense of normalcy and this spring is going to be the time to kick it up a notch in your business. Take advantage of what is inevitably year-after-year the busiest time for real estate and this year even more so. 

It’s going to surge like never before

This Spring is going to be ONE for the record books. With the vaccination becoming more readily available each day, the world is going to slowly start to open back up. There is going to be newfound excitement, a need for adventure, and a philosophy of reestablishing one’s life in this post-COVID world, which in many cases involves moving. This Spring, we will begin to see this come to light and YOU want to be the agent in your community that people can rely on when they are ready to make these decisions. In fact, you want to be reaching out to them NOW!

Making preparations

NOW is when you should be preparing for the spring surge. You should be getting everything in order so when the sun sets an hour later, you are ready. Check-in with your past clients and see what the latest updates are in their lives. Expand your market and grow your presence digitally to find new clients. Be the source of information, knowledge, and guidance in your community. Find out who is looking to buy a home. Find out who is looking to sell their home. Take advantage of this season of change and use your expertise to grow your business.

Thankfully, it’s still January, so you still have some time to learn some new tricks and expand your real estate knowledge. Realty ONE Group’s internal learning management system, ONE University is the perfect place to get educated with over 2,000 online courses, training, and webinars available for any agent at any stage in their career.  

Bring home the bacon this spring

Have you ever thought about how much work you put into each individual transaction with each individual client? The tireless hours of work put in only to give some of that hard-earned commission back to your brokerage. In the entire process, how much did your brokerage help?  How much do you think your brokerage deserves in a commission split? Realty ONE Group, for example, believes that 100% of the commission should go directly into the agent’s pocket.  ou did the work; you should keep the money. So, this spring build your business, own your market, and take home all of your commission.    

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