A Guide on How to Get More Real Estate Listings

With very low inventory, and housing prices on the rise, finding quality listings is becoming increasingly more difficult. Listings are the key to success in this industry, no matter the market. Even though the competition is fierce, there are some tips and tricks you can use to gain those listings and separate yourself from the competition.

Facebook for real estate 

Facebook is one of the biggest tools for real estate professionals. Not only can you expand your network and sphere of influence, but facebook ads give you the ability to market your listings like never before. Gain exposure for your business and find new listings all in ONE place. 

Search MLS to find expired listings

Some homeowners have withdrawn their homes from the market because they couldn’t sell at their desired price. Reaching out to these individuals can be a key way to gain new listings because they may not realize how much home values have gone up since they last listed.

Reconnect with past clients to become a natural referral

Reach out to some of your previous clients that trust your work and see how they’re doing. A simple catch up can turn into a conversation about one of their friends or family members who are looking to move. A natural referral sometimes can be the best referral.

Network with your sphere of influence

Sometimes the simplest thing to do may actually be the thing that works. Start networking with your sphere of influence. Pick up the phone, send a text or email. Get your name and your business at the forefront of people’s minds. 

 Represent off-market listings

Also known as pocket listings, off-market listings require some serious legwork from the agent to find buyers because these listings are not listed on the MLS. However, some of these could be potential goldmines so it is important to keep off-market listings on your radar when trying to grow your business. 

Ask your broker for former buyers’ contact info to prospect

Your broker is going to have a book of previous business. Reach out and introduce yourself. There may be some former buyers that are looking to move again or have someone in their network that is looking to move. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease! 

Find homeowners who are renting out their homes after failing to sell

There are a number of homeowners who listed their homes with no luck and instead have turned to renting. Reach out to these owners and find out when they last listed their home and what their challenges were. The market may have changed since then or perhaps they weren’t partnering with the right real estate professional. 

Capture listings of divorced homeowners with advertising

While unfortunate, divorce is an opportunity for you to help. Typically with a divorce, one or both members of the couple will be looking for a new place to live. You can find these potential buyers through digital advertising or rather, they can find you! 

Collect visitor information from open houses

Typically, if someone is visiting an open house they at least have a general interest in purchasing a home at some point in the future. Reach out and introduce yourself because when they are ready to buy a home, they will remember you if you make a great impression. 

Look for “huge garage sale” signs in your market

Garage sales are pretty good indicators of someone who might be getting ready to move. Introduce yourself as the expert real estate professional in the community and let them know how you can help them get their house listed. 

Introduce yourself to FSBO sellers in your area

For Sale by Owners (FSBO) sellers may not bring you an instant new listing because they are in fact trying to sell on their own. However, if their listing has been on the market for a couple months, they might be more open to a conversation or to hear some tips. If they do eventually decide to list on the MLS, you’ll be the agent they turn to. 

Leverage your current listings

Your current listings can actually attract new business and new listings. Think of your current listings as a magnet to potential clients. Current listings demonstrate the legitimacy of your business and show that you have sold similar homes in the past

Contact people who recently inherited a home

This might be a difficult list to obtain but contacting those who have recently inherited a home may be a great potential new listing. Inheriting a home is a new financial opportunity but also a giant responsibility. Many are already homeowners and will see the inheritance as a way to make some extra cash.

Team up with small builders to sell their new construction homes 

The cost of construction goods is still much higher than normal, but new construction is still happening and teaming up with small builders to help sell their newly constructed homes is an excellent way to gain new and steady listings.

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