Different Real Estate Career Paths

Thinking about starting a career in real estate? First of all, congratulations! Second, being a fully licensed real estate agent is not the only role you can play in the industry. There are a number of different career paths in real estate that will bring you a great sense of responsibility, determination, and success.  Being … Read more

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Falling leaves, crisp air, pumpkins, harvest, football, apple cider…fall is right around the corner. In order to make the most out of your autumn, create a fall bucket list. To help get you started, here is a list of fun fall activities. Have a Fall Photoshoot Among the Falling Leaves  You will see an explosion … Read more

A Brief but Fulfilling Primer on Home Inspections

For sellers, one of the most stressful and crucial parts of closing a deal is the home inspection. And honestly, it’s something that doesn’t get enough love or attention. Sure, we talk about the home search, submitting offers, enhancing curb appeal but an inspection is that one tiny (or not so tiny) thing upon which … Read more

Updating your Autumn Wardrobe

Can you smell it? It’s the beautiful aroma of falling leaves, football turf and tailgating that means autumn is on its way. Soon we’ll be packing away our summer shorts in exchange for the fun and comfy clothing of Fall. I for one, cannot wait! Let’s unpack what it takes to update your fall wardrobe … Read more

A Guide on How to Get More Real Estate Listings

With very low inventory, and housing prices on the rise, finding quality listings is becoming increasingly more difficult. Listings are the key to success in this industry, no matter the market. Even though the competition is fierce, there are some tips and tricks you can use to gain those listings and separate yourself from the … Read more

Healthy Snacks for Back to School

Back to school is approaching quickly. When children are well nourished they perform better in school and are more well equipped to fight off disease. However, at times, it can be hard to please those tiny taste buds. Here are a few easy to make, healthy, and kid-friendly snacks that are so yummy that even … Read more

Real Estate Photography Tips for Agents

It seems these days photography can sometimes tell a story better than words can. As a writer, this kind of sucks. For homeowners, seeing an image of what could potentially be their future dream home, can be the kickstarter they need to start the real estate process. Quality real estate photography is so vital to … Read more

A Look at Some of the Most Expensive Homes Ever Sold in the U.S.

Between surging real estate prices, inflation, market downturns, and sheer status, the title of most expensive home in the U.S is a tough ONE to claim. In high-demand neighborhoods, hundreds of millions of dollars can secure luxury buyers. These over-the-top homes feature tennis courts, golf courses, private beaches, and beautiful swimming pools. The craziest thing … Read more